RV trip: Epilogue

A collection of favorite photos.

A humorous anecdote or two.

An inspirational take on a random encounter.

A list of “lessons learned.”

Those are the things I imagined putting into a bookend for this blog — an eloquent final entry to encapsulate the wonderful experience of living on the road with my family.

But the words just wouldn’t come. Nurturing this blog gave me lots of experience capturing life’s events one week at a time, but summarizing two-plus years of traveling proved to be futile.

What I can do, given the season, is a little Christmas analogy:

I remember the excitement of planning our adventure was like that of a child’s anticipation of Christmas. Being on the trip was like Christmas morning, each new location another gift to unwrap. But being off the road is a bit like December 26th: we had a blast, made wonderful memories, but are quite bummed — at least I am — that it’s over.

I saw snowfall last night for the first time in a while, so I’m bracing for a long winter.

All the more time to plan our next adventure…

(to be continued…)

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