RV trip: New Jersey to Ohio

We finished our lovely week in New Jersey, and then on Friday we broke camp for the last time. We made it to State College (home of Penn State) in Pennsylvania where we boondocked in a Lowe’s parking lot. Nothing like going out in style:

The next morning, Amy did her usual runners’ group meet-up and farmers’ market stop, and then we hit the road for a full afternoon of traveling. Here’s Amy driving the last leg, with Carrie in the co-pilot seat:

…Natalie chillin’ in the back:

…and Em watching the midwest scenery go by:

We were at Amy’s parents’ house by late afternoon; it was great to be with family again.

We’ll be staying here — sleeping in real beds, under a real roof — for the rest of the week before making the final three-hour trip back to Indy this weekend.

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