RV trip: Massachusetts to Rhode Island

It turned out to be a busy work week for me while in Cape Cod. But on Tuesday evening, we went out for a double-feature at the drive-in over in Wellfleet:

Amy had been to a drive-in before, but it was a first for the girls and me:

It was really fun, and the picture quality was surprisingly good, especially for a 1950’s era facility. We didn’t get back to the RV until 1:30am.

At the recommendation of the campground office staff, Amy took the girls to the Chatham fishing pier. The seals there have a Pavlovian response to the returning fishing boats:

The weather continued to be as volatile as ever, toggling between rain and shine throughout the day. We hoped to catch an ocean sunset on Wednesday evening, but it was drizzling and mostly overcast when we got there:

We got lucky, however, and the sun poked through. It was rather surreal, with the muted pink lighting and the ocean water only a few inches deep as far as we could see:

As we waded through the water, we could feel throngs of these little critters hopping up on our ankles (I have no idea what these are):

On Thursday, Amy and the girls took a side trip to the Cape Cod National Seashore. The lighthouses are an important part of the history of this treacherous shoreline. That there were three lighthouses at this particular spot called the “three sisters” is sort of poetic.

Do you recognize this famous Cape Cod lighthouse?…

…if so, you’ve eaten too many of these:

We left Cape Cod on Friday afternoon, and were once again heading in the right direction. Arriving in Cape Cod at the end of a weekend and leaving before the next weekend begins is definitely the way to do it!

We arrived in Newport, Rhode Island on Friday night, and on Saturday morning met up with a client of mine. She and her boyfriend showed us around the Newport Shipyard where they work, so it was like a backstage pass to the world of yachting.

This was an impressive site, watching a ferry getting placed in the water:

A picnic lunch by the Newport Harbor:

My client also hooked us up with some free passes to a 1-hour narrated boat tour of the Newport Harbor and lower Narragansett Bay (thanks Shannon!).

It was a great way to see and experience Newport from the water. Of all of the places we’ve been to lately, Newport has felt the most “New England-y.”

For our Sunday morning walk, we did the “cliff walk” of Newport:

It’s not as perilous as it sounds; it’s actually a paved path that meanders between the ocean-facing cliffs and some of the historic mansions of Newport:

Speaking of mansions, we took the tour of this cozy little place once owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt II:

It was a fascinating and incomprehensible display of wealth, and this was just his summer home! (No photos were allowed inside unfortunately.)

We made it to Mystic, Connecticut this afternoon. Our campground seems nice, but there are no sewer hookups. But hey, they have a bounce house!

Tomorrow is July 1, and thus begins the countdown toward the end of this little RV trip.

Only four weeks left…

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