RV trip: Maine to Massachusetts

Maine is a really pretty state when it’s not raining. On Monday, we drove into nearby Bar Harbor (pronounced locally as “Bah Hah-bah”). Fortunately, the rain held off and we were even able to glimpse a slight sunset:

We took a quick stroll through the touristy part of Bar Harbor before heading home:

It was a rainy Wednesday, but the weather let up enough by late afternoon for us to venture into Acadia National Park. Not even the gloomy clouds could mask the beauty of this place:

It felt a bit like Oregon, actually:

Acadia has highest point on the Eastern seaboard (Cadillac Mountain) which normally offers a spectacular view. Not this day, however:

It was cold, windy and drizzly. Not your typical day in June.

None of us had ever had lobster, so we figured we were in the right place to give it a shot. There are places like this on practically every corner:

I don’t think Nat was prepared to see her dinner staring longingly back at her:

…or to see it sent to a boiling, steamy death:

The verdict? Meh. I guess we’re just not a lobster family.

We skipped running on Wednesday due to the rain, so Thursday was a make-up day. Fortunately, it was beautiful: the sun was actually out! Amy and I drove into Acadia to run on the “carriage roads” created by John D. Rockefeller. These paths were designed to meander through the park and are not “destination oriented.” I love everything about that sentiment.

The sunshine was short lived, and by afternoon it was overcast. Good enough for some more hiking in Acadia, however.

We hiked up to a high point that overlooked the ocean for a lovely picnic dinner:

The shores around Acadia are piled high with slabs of granite. Amy and I were reminded of some RVing friends who told us how they’d rather have granite mountain tops than granite counter tops. Amen to that.

We took another trip up to Cadillac Mountain, as the visibility was slightly better than the day before:

Friday afternoon we headed South to Freeport, Maine where we camped at a local county park. Here we are celebrating 2 years on the road and the last day of school, two great reasons to get loaded on sparkling grape juice:

We were treated to a wonderful sunset that evening. In true Maine fashion, however, it was raining within an hour of taking this photo.

On Saturday we visited the VERY touristy town of Ogunquit, Maine. We relaxed as best we could on this crowded little beach for an hour or so. If the ladies chit-chatting behind me are to be believed, this isn’t crowded; it gets much worse.

Nearby Kennebunkport is also the location of the Bush Compound, summer home of George H. W. Bush.¬†Supposedly, the flag flying means he’s in there somewhere.

This was Amy’s view from her yoga mat at 5:42 this morning. I thought it was a cool photo, but I’m glad that I was back at the RV fast asleep.

We did a good cleaning of the RV before leaving Maine. Here’s Emily helping out with some quarterly battery maintenance:

We’re now in North Andover, Massachusetts about to embark on a new challenge: Go an entire week without any connections whatsoever (this park simply doesn’t have the amenities we’re used to having.)

Batteries are charged. Fresh water tanks are topped off. Sewer tanks are empty. I think we can do this!

Tune in next week to find out how we fared…

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