RV Trip: Back on the road

This is going to be a quickest post ever, mainly because I’ve been negligent in taking any photos of what we’ve been doing for the last three weeks. Here’s a quick recap in bullet-point form:

  • We were back in Indy the week of May 6 for a vehicle inspection so we could get the RV titled in Indiana. We spent a nice week with my mom and visiting with friends.
  • We spent the following week in Ohio with Amy’s wonderful family.
  • Last week, we camped in Northern Ohio near my home town of Avon Lake, OH.

…and this is where the trickle of photos resume, with my family standing in front of the house that built me. It had been about 15 years since I had seen the place, and I was surprised how I didn’t want to leave.

We camped a few days in the lovely little town of Stow, OH. Amy and I (and Natalie too!) even did some contra dancing (it’s sort of like square dancing, but cooler somehow).

We did our Sunday walk at Niagara Falls in Canada:

Nat, enjoying a spray of mist on the American side of Niagara:

We’re now camped at Allegany State Park in New York. A few miles away from our campsite are some pretty big rocks in the middle of the woods.

It felt really good to climb something again.

We’re camped here for the next few days, and then we’ll continue moving Northeast toward the New England states. We don’t have a definite route or itinerary yet, and that’s totally ok.

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